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The distinction between Inflatable Dolls and Silicone & TPE Sex Dolls?

In spite of the experience of many friends being fooled while buying inflatable sex dolls online, they did not want to protect their interests because of the particular products of pornographic products. This angry and powerless psychology really makes people spite the hatefulness of corporations who mislead customers, and the dolls they get are far more hateful. It's just a rubbish pile. Here, the ESDoll maker shows you to differentiate between sex dolls made of silicone or TPE and inflatable dolls. It will improve your intelligence, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, protect you from being robbed by criminal enterprises.

Price difference: Essentially, the material used for inflatable sex dolls is silicone, the workmanship is quick, and star producers can process and create it. The cost is low and the price is cheap, a few hundred yuan each, essentially. Both medical-grade silicone fabrics that have high manufacturing costs and built-in metal bones are used for silicone or TPE sex dolls. They are mainly handmade and carved. The mechanism is complex and the procedure is time-consuming and expensive. The distinction between heavy stars: since inflation shapes the entire inflatable doll, heavy stars are normally about a few kilograms, which is easy to hold and use.

Sex Dolls For Men is, as the name implies, a type of inflatable toy. Before it looks like a human being, it has to be packed with a prop or it is simply a piece of leather, but the other main aspects of the inflatable doll are physical parts that are differentiated. The entire package is mainly made of plastic. Sex dolls of silicone or TPE are made of silicone from the human body. The supplies are pricier, because they are essentially handmade. The mechanism is more subtle and takes longer.


A silicone or TPE sex doll's body consists of silicone or TPE and metal bones and is comparatively lighter in weight than the actual human person. There are literally hundreds of Kilograms or more of Langley silicone or TPE sex dolls with a height of 110cm and above. Details difference: Rough, the plastic tastes heavier, and the texture is hard and not realistic, inflatable doll details. Silicone or TPE sex dolls, with authentic details and textures, are often handmade. Generally, they're carved by a master. The textures of the eyeballs, muscles, and skin are strongly simulated.

Many corporations have stolen silicone or TPE sex dolls for advertising due to the low degree of simulation of the look and shape of inflatable dolls, and the high degree of simulation of silicone or TPE sex dolls. The actual selling of inflatable dolls has contributed to the deception of several baby friends. Among them, the workmanship of Japanese silicone or TPE sex dolls is realistic, and there are many stolen photographs. As long as the sex dolls are carefully recognized by all netizens, discern them from the price, weight, and information of the sex dolls. To purchase them, pick a guaranteed channel. You're not going to be fooled. Everything's in kind. Predominate. The rates of certain stations, for instance, are clearly different. The price of sex dolls with silicone or TPE would not be too poor. You can't just look at photos of items. Please refer to the actual photos if you have reservations about the brand.

Simulation concept of silicone or TPE sex dolls: 3 realistic entrances and inner textures, giving a genuinely wonderful feeling, all of which look genuine. The medical silicone or TPE substance of high quality is soft to the touch, non-toxic, elastic, tasteless and healthy for the human body.

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